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The solution

A New and Safer Facility

This 56,679 square foot facility will have 61 general population cells (two beds each) and 8 special needs cells (one bed each) for a total of 130-beds. The law enforcement center includes jail, jail services, jail administration, Sheriff's administration, patrol, investigations, civil department, and an initial appearance courtroom. Other support spaces include rooms for interviews, evidence, records, storage, and a sally port.


From a safety perspective, facility design and new surveillance technologies will enhance safety by providing more-effective supervision and inmate transfers will be minimized.


The building site is located inside the city limits of Adel. The County owns an approximate 40 acre plot of land on the north side of Hickman, about a quarter mile west of where County Road R16 turns north towards Dallas Center.

The Future

The County owns 40 acres at this location which allows for building expansion (to the west) if needed to align with Dallas County growth in years to come.


A brand new facility with improved inmate capacity, inmate transfer costs, rehabilitation, safety conditions, operations and a projected savings of $22 million over the next 30 years.

Exterior Fly Around

Public Experience

Inmate Experience

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