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Why can’t the current jail be renovated/expanded?

With the current jail population, the jail would be full on opening day.

Why was this location selected?

This county-owned property is within the city limits of Adel and meets current space requirements with ability to expand if needed.

What will happen with old jail?

State law mandates the county to add another courtroom when population reaches 82,000. The old jail, which already has a sally port for secure/controlled entry, could be renovated to satisfy this requirement.

Will inmates get improved accommodations?

Accommodations will be simple but meet state codes.

We have our own police department, why would I vote for this?

These departments are limited to a few holding cells and are not used for long-term incarceration. Most inmates are eventually transferred to Dallas County.

Can I get an absentee ballot? If so, how? 

You can get an absentee ballot request at…/…/get-an-absentee-ballot and mail it in OR voting starts in the Dallas County Elections office (210 North 10th Street, Adel, IA) on Friday, March 31 so you could stop in to fill out your request form and cast your vote at the same time.

Here is an article that has some important dates.../times regarding absentee voting:…/absentee-voting-begins-in-dallas-…

If you have additional questions, please call the auditor’s office.

How can I confirm that my vote was received and counted?

You can track your absentee ballot at: 

As a homeowner in a community with an abatement program, why would I vote to increase my taxes when the person whose house is abated will not pay taxes for the duration of the abatement program?

While it is true abated properties will not pay into the debt service levy, if issued, bonds to fund a new Law Enforcement Center will be outstanding longer than any existing... abatement program in Dallas County. Abated properties will eventually pay into the debt service levy. Additionally, if a new facility is not built, non-abated property owners will still see their taxes increase because the operating costs of the undersized and outdated existing facility will continue to increase. Lastly, despite abated properties not contributing to the debt service levy, paying for a new Law Enforcement Center is still spread over a larger tax base because TIF districts contribute to debt service. Dallas County has $612 million of valuation in TIF districts which far exceeds the $122 million of abated property valuation in the county.

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