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increased inmate capacity

Impact of Inmate Overcrowding

Dallas County has experienced significant overcrowding issues for several years resulting in:

  • Transporting/housing inmates at other facilities

  • Early release of inmates

  • Additional consideration by the Prosecutor and Judges in charges and sentencing

  • Intensive staffing requirements with current facility

  • Increased safety risk for public, staff, and inmates

Inmate Population

Dallas County has 36 beds with ability to house an additional 12 temporary inmates. By law, the jail is only allowed 24 beds but was granted an variance for 36 beds. This variance expires in March of 2018 and overflow inmates will need to be transferred to another county.


Segregation requirements (gender, juvenile, medical or mental health issues, misdemeanor or felony, etc.) also contribute to maximum capacity meaning the jail could have 25 inmates but considered 100% full due to segregation rules.


Average daily inmate population by month:

Month             Inmates Per Day

April 2016:       49

May 2016:        47

June 2016:       46

July 2016:        50

Aug. 2016:        57

Sept. 2016:       50

Oct. 2016:         55

Nov. 2016:        62

Dec. 2016:        58

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